Game and Nature Reserves


Jangtesan Forest (300,000 pyeong) is the first recreation forest built by the private fund in South Korea. It has accommodation facilities, fish farm, deer farms, and a children’s playground. Every year many visitors enjoy the man-made forests and natural forests with 12km trails.


It is Korea’s largest inner city artificial arboretum. There are rose garden, forest for meditation, medical herbs, and more. In the tropical garden, there are 198 species of 9,300 exotic plants. Free Admissions


This Forest, the boundary between Daejeon City and Geumsangun, Chungnam, is located 17km of local road number 17 from the Daejeon Station. The forest includes Bongsuregol, Keunbegol, and Jaeunbegol – the main peak -, Maninsan Mountain. Image Map